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Admin wireless setting is very important for router and users need to use some information for login the router and setup setting. You need to use a computer if you want to setup anything in the router. For verities of reasons the IP address may necessary but if you want to login to the router, you need to use username and password with the IP address. Private IP address is used in the router and networking devices and public IP address is used in the website. The IP address is used in the Linksys routers and with the router you will get username and password. The IP address is a default IP address and this IP address is used for login to the router for the first time.
Whatever you want to do in the router, you need to use the IP address You need to type the IP address on the address field of the browser. Now click on the Enter button from the keyboard and the login screen page will come front. On the page, you need to use username and password which you will get from the router manual or the additional paper sheet of the router. Sometimes login information may be available behind the router device.
For securing the device’ setting, you should change the default username and password. If you keep all default settings same, then anyone can login. You need to change the default Username and password. So, now no one can access your account from your home or office. Now your device is enough secure. Remember, the reset button can remove all settings for the router.
If the device is newly opened, then the IP address is setup as default. If you have bought the device from someone else, then you need to reset the device for making everything default. The default IP address is used on the browser and use other login detail for login. After login to the router, you can setup everything what you need to do but I suggest you to start the process from basic. You can change the IP address from the router control center. You need to find the IP address from the router control section and find the default IP address. When you change the default IP address, then you need to think about the IP class. You can use any number from 0 to 255 from backside of the IP address. After changing the IP address, you have to save it.
It is very easy to install internet connection in the device. Your ISP will provide all necessary information for setup internet. If you want to connect with dial up connection, then you need to use username and password of the ISP. You can use Wizard tool for quick internet installation in the router. If you like, then you can setup internet manually. However, manually setup is very important and easy for the advanced users.
There are many things which remains in router control center for security of the Wi-Fi. Changing the default SSID network name is important thing and you should setup a SSID network name to identify the Wi-Fi connection. For ensuring the security for Wi-Fi, you should not use family members name in the SSID network name. So, the Wi-Fi connection remains safe. You may hide the SSID network name for more security. Read the manual to know the process for hiding the SSID network name.
Encrypted security is very important thing for securing the Wi-Fi. Encrypted security means WPA2 and PSK. You should enable this feature and ensure the Wi-Fi security. Now this encrypted security has been updated and you should always use latest security. You should use a password for this encrypted security for making the connection safer. Read manual of the router if you do not understand all of the features of encrypted security. You can contact with experts to know more about this security.
Always use hard password for the Wi-Fi connection. You have to use critical password for making the Wi-Fi connection safe. If you use hard password, then it not so easy to hack the Wi-Fi connection. You can use password creator tool or you can build a difficult password for the Wi-Fi connection. You can build the password with letter, number and symbol combination. You can use upper and small case letter when you form IP address. The password should be 11 digits long at least.
Mac filtering is another important option for filtering the MAC ID of the devices. You can create a list of devices which can use Wi-Fi connection and which do not use your Wi-Fi connection. It is very easy to edit the list and make list perfect for the for your popular devices.
Update the firmware from the router and secure the device. Now the device will smarter with the updated firmware. You may get more modern security for updating the firmware.
You may setup some settings from router and computer. However, I suggest users to read the manual to identify all of the important configuration. If the device is used IP address, then you need to use this IP address for ping to know the connectivity between router and computer. If the router uses different IP address, then you need to use the IP address with ping. You can apply “ping” or “ping -t” command to know the connectivity.
The IP address does not response if the address is blocked by firewall and the antivirus. If the firewall knows the IP address as suspicious, then the address can be blocked. You need to unblock the IP address from the firewall. Checking the computer with antivirus is another way to save the IP address to become suspicious.
There are many other reasons not to work the IP address and router. I have created a list which you need to follow and recheck to find out the problem and solve the problem.
The IP address configured improperly.
The Incorrect IP address is used or wrong settings is setup.
The router may not response for the faulty connection with the modem
The wrong proxy is installed in the browser. Now configure the proxy properly.
Multiple networking connections are added with the router
The wrong IP address is used like 192.168.I.I instead of
The IP address is used as link www.
However, you can easily solve the problem if you read the manual. You can browser manufacturer website to know better about the router and settings. You can use Google or other search engine to get better guide.